About our company

There are many reason one would want a tiny house and there are many reasons one would not. Either way tiny homes are here to stay. What inspired me about tiny homes was all the creative builders exploring a new trend, a tread that evolved from necessity. As stress in our lives continue to build we are all searching for a freedom that comes with scaling back. Some may think that it's a bit of an extreme move but other see nothing but freedom. Freedom from a huge mortgage, freedom from huge maintenance expenses, Freedom from utility bills, freedom from being tied to one location. Most of us spend little time at home but most of our money goes towards that one expense. It's true homes and property can be a great investment but as we all know it does not always work out that way. Everyone deserves to have a roof over their heads and tiny homes help make that even more possible and gives you that desired freedom we all seem to be losing. The goal is to create a small homes on wheels that reflect you. You are the one that will be spending time in this small space so it's very important that you are the designer. there are many details that you need to know about building a tiny house but designing one...that is something you can do! If all you need to have is a consultant I'd be happy to chat about your plans.
There is nothing more satisfying that to help someone achieve their goals.
Rob (Old Hippie)